Passion for Service

It’s said that in order to be successful in business for yourself, you have to really love your product. Nicole loves the positive energy, light, and empowerment that the tools she offers provide, so much that they feel less like a ‘product’ and more like spending an afternoon doing some of her favorite things, with people she cares deeply for. Nicole realized that the most loving thing she could provide for the world, was sharing her love for her work, making these powerful tools available to more people. She has spent the last five years walking the Modern Mystery School ‘Path of Progression’ in The Lineage of King Salomon. Working directly with mentors, teachers, international speakers and coaches to learn about energy, sacred geometry, and intuition, learning how to support others’ progression to put these teachings into action.

Nicole’s Background

Nicole is constantly learning more about energy and the human psyche, continuing to progress herself with these while learning and bringing home new tools, healings, and classes to further support her clients in these areas as well. Nicole graduated from Western Washington University where she focused on Communications, Public Speaking and Business, she first became certified as a Life Activation Practitioner with The Modern Mystery School Toronto in 2015.