Energy Healing and Classes

Certified by The Modern Mystery School

Energy Healing

The aspect that sets these healings apart from others is that they are not a healing in the traditional sense by an empowerment. What this really means is these healings provide you the positive energy to make progress in your life and accelerate your life’s potential.

Meditation Classes

The Max Meditation System™ is designed to teach you how to meditate. It is unique in it’s fluid blend of meditation techniques from all over the world. Likened to a yoga class for the mind – it is made up of 5 key components designed as a complete system for total relaxation.

About Nicole

Nicole, founder of Healing for Good, is a Meditation Teacher, Healer, Ritual Master, and Kabbalist in the Ancient Lineage of King Salomon trained by The Modern Mystery School.

All healing is self healing, receiving help along the way is what accelerates the process. Through these time tested tools, Nicole facilitates the process of igniting inner light, accelerating your ability to heal. She specializes in working with leaders and trailblazers who are ready to make the world a better place.

Nicole realized that the most loving thing she could provide for the world, was sharing her love for her work, making these powerful tools available to more people.

  • Connection

    Join me for tea or let’s set up a time to chat on the phone.

  • Life Activation

    Take the next step, activate your spirit and unlock the path to your life purpose.

  • Initiation

    Become a member of the Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light in the Lineage of King Salomon.


“The first thing I noticed about Nicole was her vision of promoting health, one person at a time. For her it was not just a concept, it was (and is) a passion. Nicole was largely responsible for my move to healthy eating.”

Victoria M. HR Manager

“Having never experienced a soul retrieval, I was blessed to have my first session done by Nicole. Her energy was supportive, gentle, nurturing and loving. She was a constant comfort amid some resistance I was feeling in certain areas of my body. I have full confidence that the word done on my behalf was done with the utmost care and reverence. I felt save in Nicole’s hands and afterwards felt full and more complete.”

Even A.Los Angeles, CA

“The energy in the room during Nicole’s meditation class was through the roof! I thought we were just going to lift off the ground… it was truly special.”

Karen S. Energy Healer

“As a person who usually has a lot of trouble falling asleep – I was so surprised when I fell asleep during my crystal healing session. I can say that has never happened to me, I was just so relaxed.”

William L. Consultant

“What a gift to be shown aspects of my spirit I had never seen or felt before. The Life Activation was so moving, it had me in tears of joy.”

Cynthia A.Teacher